It’s at the heart of everything we do at Catering by Uptown.

As a 30+ year old family-owned business, our greatest privilege is catering to the needs of our clients and their families to make their event as memorable as possible. We think of our clients as “part of the family”, and in that spirit we’ve created a program that invites you to become part of our family business.


Our Ambassador Program allows you to turn referrals into easy income!  Simply sign-up and register names of anyone who might be interested in using our Catering by Uptown services, and we’ll pay a referral fee when they book. It’s as easy as that.

Friends, family, co-workers – Weddings, celebrations, corporate events. There are countless opportunities to let us know someone might have need of our services. Simply share their contact information and we’ll do all the rest!  You can keep your referral anonymous, or allow us to share your name. Your choice!

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Referral Fees for Booked Events

$2,000 – $9,999   =  $100

$10,000-$19,999 =  $250

$20,000 +              =  $500