It’s officially that time of year – It’s engagement season!  According to Wedding Wire, 43% of all engagements take place between November and January. What that  really means is that today, right now, there are literally thousands of guys trying to figure out the best way to propose.

There are countless commercials and movie scenes that make it look a little too perfect and easy. And then, there’s both wanted and unwanted advice from friends and family asking “How are you going to do it?”. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of pressure.

Here at Catering by Uptown, we meet thousands of couples each year as they’re planning their wedding, and that means we get to hear a lot of engagement stories.  We even ran an Engagement Story contest earlier this year ( Here’s a link to the winner’s story – we love this one!).

The element of surprise definitely seems to be the goal. Even for some couples who do the ring shopping together it’s not as much a “Is he going to ask me” but becomes more of a “When is he going to ask me”? The tension is high to make it perfect because it’s a story that’s going to get asked about a lot.

Is it going to be a destination proposal or a quiet dinner at home? Is it going to be just the two of you, or surrounded by friends and family? There are as many ways to propose as there are rings to choose from.

But here’s the secret from the inside- from at least this one woman’s perspective –  If she loves you, and I’m sure she does, you can’t screw it up!  All we want is for it to come from the heart and to be authentic to who you are. Believe me, our hearts are pounding and the room disappears as soon as we hear you say the words. It doesn’t matter if there’s ball park peanuts or a room full of dozens of roses-  we just notice you, and… the ring!  Just be yourself and let the meaning of the moment do the rest.

Last piece of advice? Most men think that asking that one question is all it takes to make a wedding happen. But that one question is just the beginning!  Be ready for a whole lot more starting with when, and where, are you getting married?  The first decision is definitely the wedding venue. This really determines the “where and when” of the wedding. And with 43% of all engagements happening at the same time, to get the place and date you want requires that question to be answered quickly.

At least there we can help! With multiple venues of our own, and as a preferred vendor at over 100 others in the DC metro area, we’re happy to be a great resource as you start your wedding planning journey.

Like I mentioned, we love a good engagement story – so, tell us about yours! What was your proposal like?