There are many ways to personalize your wedding. From the venue, to the colors, to the flowers, to the invitations – every bride and groom has countless ways to put their personal stamp on their special day. There’s even specialty drinks that you can work out with your caterer. But why stop with the drinks? Why not look at the meal too?

One way to make your wedding special is to incorporate a cherished family recipe into the meal. At Catering By Uptown we get this request from time to time, and we personally love it.  So much so, that one of the recipes a couple used became a permanent staple on the menu.  Our Chicken Devonshire, once a treasured favorite of the bride’s grandmother (who lived on Devonshire Street) is now available to everyone. And rightfully so – it’s great!

These requests are really fun and often require multiple tastings to get them right. Most family recipes are “a pinch of this and a pinch of that” if you think about it. Our goal is to work with the family to get it just right for the couple.

One of the reasons we’ve loved calling this area home for decades is because it’s this amazing melting pot of culture. This has presented us with the unique opportunity of presenting many diverse and international menus for our clients. This has been another instance where we’ve been able to work with couples to tailor a menu that pays homage to their cultures. From Greek, to Middle Eastern, to Afrikan and Indian – our catering team is adept with International flavors.

Have a family recipe you’d love to incorporate? Let us know. We’d love to hear about it!