This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked at Catering By Uptown. And truth be told, there’s no perfect time frame to begin planning a wedding. For each couple it’s a combination of outside influences (Maybe one or both are attending school, or in the military) and desire to get married at a certain time of year. For others, maybe a bit of procrastination kicks in, where you look up one day and realize you’ve just got months to go before the date you picked out.

We’ve personally delivered a wedding on as short as one week’s notice, so short notice weddings can be done. However, in our experience the optimum time frame is anywhere from four to six months or even as far out as 18 months – depending on your situation.

Guaranteeing that you’ll get your desired date, venue, wedding band, etc. is a great argument for planning ahead. Though that’s not to say a great venue doesn’t have unexpected open dates – even a waterfront venue like Celebrations on the  Bay. Our six venues often have short notice availability. Contact us to learn more.

Whether your wedding is in a month or a year from now, it’s never too late to pull off the wedding of your dreams. We’d love to meet with you and hear about your special day.