Open bar, cash bar, no bar. Serving alcohol is yet another wedding detail that all couples face. It’s also a decision that can really give you some flexibility in your budget.

Open bars can be costly, and depending on the crowd, problematic. Alcohol may be expected with cocktail and dinner receptions, but it’s generally acceptable to do a beer & wine bar, and perhaps add a specialty drink or two.  These can be prepared in batches and generally don’t require the most expensive alcohol. We recommend this option for many of our budget-conscious couples.

Another option we recommend is to focus on wines. It’s relatively easy these days to find some interesting, relatively inexpensive bottles to serve, and offer a variety of choices to your guests.  Those who drink most heavily tend not to consume as much alcohol when wine is the focus instead of beer or mixed drinks. Of course, there are always a few that are the exception to the rule, but generally consumption is more moderate.

Another solution could be to consider a daytime wedding and see if that helps the cost factor a bit.  With a brunch, you get into mimosas and the like and save considerable money.

The important thing to remember, is to work with your caterer. We’re always looking for ways to make all things possible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to find a solution that works within your budget and still makes the day perfect for you!