While we may only be in the sweltering summer months of the year, it is time to break out the planners and mark the date for the annual Holiday party!

To start, let’s talk about the typical corporate holiday party. Lots of reds, greens, mistletoe (look out HR!), fake snow and the dry chicken (who can forget the dry chicken?). Why not change things up for 2014? Let’s make it a black tie affair in a Grand Ballroom with deep and rich hues of blue, silk linens, silver chargers, champagne bottles popping for the President’s toast and Elvis’ Blue Christmas whispering from the string quartet’s violins. You turn to see your waiter bringing around your Filet Mignon cooked to your liking, prompting you to lick your lips. This night just keeps getting better and better!

Every year, you are reminded just how lucky you are to work for such a great company. They spare no expense to ensure that their employees feel appreciated. But let’s get to the good part already, the speeches and superlatives! After your colleague is crowned Most Likely to be seen at the Water Cooler, the conversation turns towards those who have achieved long-time success within the company. Several colleagues are recognized for five, ten and even 35 years of success. “What a great night this has been”, you think to yourself, as you grab your pea coat from coat check. Later, you head towards the car with a wide smile of satisfaction.

At this year’s holiday party, how will you show your employees appreciation?