Every little girl grows up dreaming of a Saturday wedding in June. It sounds romantic and perfect in every way.  But June always has, and always will have, only 4 Saturdays to choose from. With everyone competing for those Saturdays, prices and availability can quickly become a factor.  Perhaps this is why we’ve seen a definitive trend for weddings to find a new home on the other days of the week too.

Reality is that to the people who love you, your wedding is a holiday.  A celebration that warrants taking an extra day off of work to be a part of. It’s already romantic and perfect in every way, because it’s your special day. Whether it’s a Thursday night, Friday day or Sunday afternoon, the day is made special not by where it falls on the calendar, but by the love and affection that surrounds you.

Sometimes it’s not for sentimental reasons, (maybe the anniversary of your first date happens to fall on a Wednesday), but instead for financial ones. For example, as a wedding catering company we’re often able to offer deep discounts for Friday morning or Thursday evening events at all of our wedding venues. This difference can be as high as 60% off the rates for the same event on a Saturday night. The reason is a bit of supply and demand on our part – there’s only so many Saturdays for us to book from May- September, but our venues are available 365 days a year.  We’d much prefer that they be used to serve our clients all the other days of the week too.

Being versatile with your date can open all sorts of options- from having a higher guest count or open top-shelf bar, to having enough money left over for a fabulous honeymoon.