Engagement Ring Trends for the New Year

The ring can be such an exciting part of getting engaged, and it’s certainly one of the first details of your future wedding that people will want to know about! Whether it’s a single stone on a delicate band or a more unique silhouette, your engagement ring is a visible and tangible symbol of this exciting new step for you and your partner. As we wrap up another holiday season, let’s take a look at some of the top engagement ring trends taking off in the new year.

So what are our 10 favorite swoon-worthy trends this year?

  • Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature engagement rings

The great outdoors has been an inspiration for all kinds of art since… well, forever! Why should jewelry miss out on the fun? Leaves, flowers, vines and other outdoor influences can add a lot of earthy charm to an engagement ring, especially for couples who feel a connection with nature.


2) Colored Diamond and Gemstones

Color engagement rings             Many brides are turning to colored diamonds and gemstones to show off their unique style and personality. You can opt for a colored centerpiece or a classic diamond flanked with colored gems; the possibilities are endless! Some colored gems can also be less costly than a traditional diamond.


3) Rose Gold

*Sigh…* How romantic is rose gold? This warm and trendy tone is a sweet alternative to classic yellow and white golds, and lets the stone(s) on your ring shine. It’s also surprisingly affordable and durable!

Rose Engagement rings

4) Mixed Precious Metals

Gone are the days when could only wear one metal at a time! If you’re a fan of more than one precious metal and simply can’t choose, you don’t have to. Using more than one metal can help your center stone pop and add a unique touch you your ring. Mixed metal rings are also very versatile. And there are lots of amazing vintage rings out there that used mixed metals before it was cool!


Engagement Rings mix



5) Fancy Shaped Stones

Of course the classic circle and square shapes are lovely, but marquise and pear shaped rings are so distinctive and unique that they catching a lot of attention! The more oblong shape can be very flattering on the hand and can catch the light just right to give it a little extra sparkle. And with the pear shape you get the option of which way to wear it on your finger.


Engagement ring fancy

6) Unique Vintage Designs

It used to be that you had to rummage through yard sales to find intricate and unique vintage rings. But no more! There are beautiful vintage rings in stores and online that offer interesting and one-of-a-kind rings. And many couples enjoy the romance of a ring that has a history!

Vintage engagement rings

7) Spilt Shank

One band is good, so why not two? It can give your center stone a gorgeous frame that makes it look even bigger. It can also take delicate strands and reinforce the shape of the ring to make it more durable.
Engagement Rings Split

8) Distinctive Halo

Who doesn’t love a halo? A halo can make your center ring look even bigger and brighter. But your halo can be just as much of a centerpiece. It could be assembled from different size stones, made of colored stones, a different shape than your center stone, whatever you’d like!



Halo engagement rings

9) Twisting and Woven Silhouettes

Similar to the split shank, twisting and woven silhouettes can make delicate bands strong and show off a center stone. Many couple also like the symbolism of the intertwining bands representing the joining of their lives in marriage.

Twist engagement rings

10) Surprise Details

Some of these details are so small and dainty that it’s almost like a little secret just for the couple. Adding a side stone or an intricate metal detail can be a sweet and simple way to make your ring special and uniquely yours!



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