Your wedding is a pivotal moment in your family’s history, as were the weddings of your family’s previous generations.

Honoring the history of both of your families at your wedding is a touching gesture and is a great opportunity to recognize the new growth on your family tree. There are so many creative ways to incorporate and acknowledge your loved ones at your wedding! Check out some of our favs:

Put together a memory table.
Let your family reminisce on weddings past, and let your guests see where you come from with a memory table! You could display wedding portraits of past generations, or family photo albums. Your guests will love to see your family’s growth through the years, and a memory table is a charming focal point to any space.

Include family heirlooms.
Borrowing your family heirlooms for your special day is an elegant and personal way to recognize your families. You could wear the jewelry that a family member wore on their wedding day, or sew the lace from a family member’s wedding dress into your own. You could even pin small portraits of your family members to your bridal bouquets!

XO, Your Planners
Maddy & Cassidy