One of the toughest decisions to make throughout the wedding planning process is whether or not you want to have programs! Should you have paper programs or a program sign? Should your program include a timeline, and should that timeline include an overview of the ceremony and the reception? Should you even have programs?

We’re here to help you make this big decision! Check out the pros and cons that your planning experts encourage you to consider:

Wedding programs are a classic feature of traditional weddings. Normally in paper form, traditional programs include an overview of the wedding party and the ceremony schedule.

Are you planning to host a less traditional ceremony? Programs can help guide your guests through your unique ceremony events that they may not have experienced before. Maybe you would like to include special readings so that your guests can follow along, or describe your unity activities (candle lighting, hand-fasting, sand pouring, etc).

If you’re planning on including a timeline on your program, here’s something to consider: guests have a tendency to watch the clock if a timeline is available to them. For example, if your program lists dinner service at 6:00pm sharp, you may feel pressure to cut your post-ceremony photo session short or feel rushed to keep that schedule. Your big day is all about the two of you, so you may want to leave some room for flexibility.

Of course, there is the cost aspect of programs to consider. While some will cherish your wedding program as a nostalgic keepsake, others may not share that same sentiment. An alternative to paper programs would be a program sign which offers a warm welcome to guests as they arrive, and a brief overview of the event as a whole.

XO, Your Planners
Maddy & Cassidy