Social media is such a great tool to keep in your wedding arsenal. Here are three ways to keep your guests involved in capturing, sharing, and embracing the special moments on your wedding day:

1. Create a wedding hashtag.
When your family and friends share posts and photos to Facebook and Instagram, your wedding hashtag can be typed into the captions of those posts to create an online album of intimate memories from your special day. Wedding hashtags are a catchy and efficient way for your guests to participate in your big day!

Take some time to create a wedding hashtag that is unique to the two of you. It can be a creative play on your last names or homage to your journey together – whatever you want it to be! Share your hashtag in advance with your guests by including it on your own social media wedding posts, your wedding website, your save the dates and invitations, etc.

2. Go live.
Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, there is a way to share your special day with people who can’t make it in person. You can set up a live stream so that your loved ones are able to be a part of your day from afar!

3. Design your own Snapchat filter.
Snapchat filters are such a fun feature for your guests to use and share throughout each of your wedding day celebrations. From your wedding shower to your bachelor/ bachelorette parties, to your actual wedding day, your guests can capture these memories with a personal touch to share.

XO, Your Planners
Maddy & Cassidy