As wedding planners, it can be easy to forget sometimes that many of our clients are often brand new to the wedding industry. The terms that we use on a daily basis can definitely be confusing when you’re beginning your wedding journey with us. Not to worry — we’re here to break down all of the most commonly used CBU wedding terms to give you a strong start on your planning!

PTE Appointment

Your Planning and Tasting Experience (“PTE Appointment,” for short) is where the magic happens! Typically scheduled 4-6 months before the big day, this is the time where you meet with your Planning Executive to tackle all of your special wedding day details. Taste our most popular dishes and build your menu, design a custom floor plan, select your linens and more — you and your Planning Executive will work together to create your perfect wedding event.

Send-Customer Packet
While some planners use the technical term “Send-Customer,” this packet is less formally known as your Final Details packet! Usually sent a month before your big day, this packet contains all of your wedding details and is the official and final wedding day plan. You’ll have the opportunity to review all of your selections, make any changes or updates to the plan, and send it back for event production!

Event Production
The final step of your wedding planning journey, event production is the process of bringing together every major element of your event to produce the perfect wedding day!

Catering Supervisor
Similar to a day-of coordinator, your Catering Supervisor is there to run the event and make sure your wedding plan is perfectly executed. They will be there every step of the way to help and support you! To learn more about the specific duties of your Catering Supervisor, check out our Wedding Roles & Responsibilities 101 post.

Planning Executive
Your guide through the Catering by Uptown experience, your Planning Executive is there to help you plan every detail within the event time listed on your contract. As an industry expert, your Planning Executive is a great resource for you to use as you begin the wedding planning journey.

XO, Your Planners
Maddy & Cassidy