Details, details, details! As we know, weddings are all about the little things that come together to form the big picture of your wedding day design. There are so many moving parts to keep in mind, and before you know it, the costs can add up while you work to bring your vision to life.

DIY projects are not only a great way to save money, but they’re also a fun way for the two of you to spend some quality time together on your wedding journey! Here are just a few of our very favorite projects: 


  • Wedding stationery
    Your wedding stationery is a critical aspect of your wedding planning process. Stationery such as  your “Save the Dates” and your wedding invitations will leave your guests with a first impression of your special day, so it’s important to consider your wedding colors, your theme, and your personalities when designing your stationery.

    Opting to design your own wedding stationery can save you tons of money if you know where to look. There are so many free graphic design sites you can take advantage of (pro tip: check out Canva!) to customize your stationery and order your own prints. You’ll save on shipping costs and you’ll have the freedom to build a design from scratch together! You can even add the finishing touches to your stationery by sprinkling glitter, attaching bows, or accenting with burlap or lace…whatever style suits you best!
  • Day-of decor
    Centerpieces and signage are two easy DIY projects for the two of you to take on together. Head to your local thrift store to see what kind of materials you can find! Old windows or mirrors can be repurposed and used for welcome signs or seating charts (white paint pens work great for both!). Antique vases or votive holders can be used to add a vintage charm to your tablescape. Mason jars can be painted and filled with flowers to hang from your ceremony chairs. The possibilities are endless!
  • A personal favorite: table number anniversary cards
    I recently read about a bride who had such a unique, sentimental idea for a guest activity at her wedding and I’ve been obsessed ever since. The bride had 13 reception tables, and at each place setting, she set a personalized notecard and a pen for her guests. She asked each guest to write words of advice, love, and/or encouragement for her and her fiancé to read in the future, and afterwards, the letters were sealed and collected in order by table. Each year on their anniversary, the bride and groom sit down together over a bottle of wine and open the letters from the table number that corresponds to that anniversary. On their first anniversary, they read all of the letters collected from table one; on their second anniversary, they read the letters from table two, and so on.This was such a fun DIY way to include your loved ones not only on your special day, but also throughout your marriage.


  • Flower preservation
    There are so many ways you can keep your wedding flowers looking as fresh as they did on your special day. Turn your bridal bouquet into an art piece to showcase in your home together by having them pressed and framed, preserved in epoxy resin, or having them professionally painted!
  • Wedding album
    In this day and age when most memories are captured and stored in digital form, you’ll have a ton of materials to use to create a charming wedding album together. Sort through the photos that your loved ones have shared online, and create your very own wedding album for the two of you to relive your wedding day memories throughout your marriage.
  • Keepsake box
    You’ve invested so much in wedding and your wedding decor items, so why not memorialize them with a keepsake box? Include things like your wedding planning journal and your wedding invitations. Make a copy of your vows, and add your wedding programs. Anything that feels special to you belongs in your keepsake box, and your family, friends, and your children (if you choose to have any!) will love to relive your special day together.


XO, Your Planners
Maddy & Cassidy