Why are wedding dresses traditionally white in many Western cultures? Do you have to wear a white wedding dress?

In 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert and inspired a new cultural trend which would last for decades — the white wedding dress.

Prior to Queen Victoria’s reign, white dresses were often associated with mourning and grief and as such, they were certainly not the first choice for most brides. On her wedding day, Queen Victoria bravely donned a white dress to assert her sensibility and conservative charm as she began her rule as the new monarch; the desire to follow in her footsteps caught like wildfire in Western cultures.

While white dresses are traditional for many as they now symbolize purity and virtue, gone are the days where white wedding dresses are your only option! Check out our list of eye-catching alternatives to the traditional white wedding dress:

  1. Baby blue
    With a baby blue gown, you can cross that “something blue” off your list of to-do’s!
  2. Black
    Taking the “little black dress” to the next level, black gowns are the boldest choice for our most fashion-forward brides!
  3. Blush
    Blush for the blushing bride? We’re so here for it!
  4. Burgundy
    Elegant, charming, and romantic — go big as a burgundy bride.
  5. Patterned
    Fun and flirty, patterned gowns really let your personality shine!

XO, Your Planners
Maddy & Cass